Red Alert – Regarding 3% returns month on month

We’ve received feedback about an organization offering 3% returns month on month. Guarantees of returns are always a first red flag. Apart from government fixed income, representation of “guarantees” are questionable.

In Singapore, the regulatory regime is sound. Do check if they are licensed financial advisors, or are aligned with policies to operate. We attached a Zaobao article for your reading.

To check if the firm is on MAS alert, simply go to Sometimes, a person in the alert list can continue to do business in financial services. So investors have to take note. Spread the word, be vigilant.

We’ve given an example of search results below from MAS Alert List
Kenneth Kam / Kenn Organisation / Kenn Group

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10 Marina Boulevard
Level 39, Marina Bay Financial Centre,Tower 2
Singapore 018983


Fintech Advisory

Our members have requested for Fintech education and advisory services. Hence, our society, SFSP, will create programmes to support members and non-members in their Fintech journey. If you are keen to collect payments digitally, transform your business online, we are here to help. We’ve got experts on our exco to help – in collaboration with Seeking Returns.

Here’s the scope:

  • Research & Feasibility Analysis – We will do scoping with you
  • Strategic Development – We will plan the revenue increase with you
  • Business Opportunities – We will identify opportunities with you
  • Engineering – We can link you up with credible engineering teams
  • Team Training & Education – We conduct talks and seminars

If you are keen to chat with us, send us a message here